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Wine Decanter

After receiving the brief of the Rust Belt Transformed, a group consisting of Max Arnold, Sarah Folger, Lindsey Moskowitz and myself formulated the idea of revitalizing New York’s wine country with the incorporation of local artisans to create one of a kind works of art.  It was our goal to have local wood workers create the molds that would then have local glass blowers form beautiful one-off glass decanters. The incorporation of these small businesses paired with New York’s growing wine production was a great fit to transform multiple aspects of this once prosperous and industrial part of our country.
The decanter was selected as one of the pieces to be presented for the Syracuse University Industrial & Interaction Design submissions at the 2015 International Contemporary Furniture Fair held in New York City during Design Week.
Our design was centered on expressing the subtle detail that would be gained from having a still blown glass piece in an oak mold. The still blowing process would allow the texture of the oak grain embossed on the surface of the decanter. The design has a large, low cavity allowing the wine an openness to breathe, a volume that would accept a full bottle of wine and the ability to control the pour into the glass. The incorporation of a punt in the base of the decanter allows for the many debated benefits to the wines nuances. The largest of which provide a resting place for the thumb, to provide stability for one handed pouring from the base of the decanter. Due to the nature of the glass blowing process the burning that occurs in the mold insures that no two decanters will be the exact same, giving a breathtaking presence and each their own beautiful nuances.
Glass Lab,
Corning Museum of Glass

Working in collaboration with Glass Lab and the Corning Museum of Glass, we were able to take our form from foam models and digital renderings into real life glass decanters. Taking our 3D model and CNC cutting out a three part mold at our Design Works facility we were able to create a perfect oak mold negative to have our glass form blown. We were lucky to have the expertise of the Glass Lab staff, Erik Meek, Chris Rochelle, and G. Brian Juk to help lead us through our designs, the glass blowing process and the production of our wine decanter. With their guidance two versions of our design were able to be produced in glass.

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