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Equilibrium Lamp

Subtlety of the form of the balancing lighting design allows for an exploration of material properties and dynamics that keep the lamp in a state of equilibrium while delivering functional light to the surrounding space. The thin profile allows the pendant to be unobtrusive to the space but provide a stunning expression from a lighting object.


The lamp is constructed from a lamination of mahogany veneer, rolled steel, light dispersing acrylic, LED strip lights and braided steel cable. The form is a balancing act of the veneer and LED lighting on one side and the opposing steel counterweight. The fixture is suspended from the ceiling by cables that double as the power leads for the LED’s.


The design incorporates the engineering principles of balance in regards to the location of an objects center of gravity. By creating a form that positions the center of gravity far enough below the point of suspension the object will oscillate slightly until it reaches a point of balance where the center of gravity is directly below the suspension.


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