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Processed Bowls

Looking at how we eat in today’s society I focused in on the aspects that mass production and the mechanized processes in which objects are created. I wanted to bridge the gap from the raw processing of materials to the end user. I focused in on the ways in which CNC milling is used to create molds that then produce hundreds of thousands of copies of an object. I wanted to take that refined process and create a mold that was in the rougher states of the machining processes in order to produce a textured exterior to my objects. Working with a simple bowl form, I allowed for the exterior to be represented by different tool paths from the CNC milling operations.

The molds were then filled with porcelain and slipcast to be able to produce accurate castings of the machined mold. The texture varies from one models to the other based on the tool paths that were used to create the molds.
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